Too Faced x Sephora - Catch Too Faced Feelings Event
Dubai, UAE
Too Faced ME hosted their first event in the Middle East featuring their star products. 

As an agency, 609 took care of translating these product's specifications and main features through immersive experiences. 

We started with location scouting. It was important to find a venue that will emphasize on the brand's image without overshadowing it. 
After finding the perfect location, we proceeded with the concept and ideation: Designing the immersive experiences, coming up with tailored decor & translating the brand guidelines into instagrammable moments. 

Finding the perfect entertainment was also a key element.
From the DJ, Singer, Engraver & Beads Artist; every single experience projected Too Faced vibes.

All of these elements were implemented in the floor plan to make sure that the flow of the event stays seamless. 

We then proceeded with the production files, artwork, and production. 

Execution was also handled by 609 and on-ground coordination. 

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